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End of season party planning help

May 7, 2008
Hi Everyone,

I need your help for some ideas for having the end of season party for a Freshman HS team. It will be held at the school for about 90 minutes. We will give out awards and certificates. I am interested in hearing what you have done in the past and what was successful to have the girls really enjoy themselves. I am leaning towards having a pizza party with each player bringing in something (plates, napkins, cups, soda, chips, etc.).

Well, at the HS my DD will attend next year (8th grade this year) one or more of the seniors took matters into their own hands, and brought a bottle or 2 of liquor to their last home game. As if that wasn't stupid enough, they spiked the drinks of the younger girls after the varsity game, during the JV game. So, one of those girls tastes it, does the right thing and spits it out and tells her parents, who proceed to call the police. Now there is a full investigation into who was involved, the coaches probably won't be there next year, and there are rumors that the team isn't going to be allowed to play in the sectional tournament starting this week.

Bear in mind that the girl that brought the liquor (they're still not sure who else was involved, but she is a definite) is already 18, and some of the girls that had their drinks unknowingly spiked (at least most of them were unknowingly) were 15, 16, 17.

As for your question, some kind of game (be it whiffle ball or something non-softball related) may be a good idea :)

I don't personally endorse the liquor idea, obviously :)

Amy in AZ.

Super Moderator
May 7, 2008
Well, I can't beat Jofus' story..... but anyway, a slide show (power point) is good. Someone should have pictures and then you can put music to it. Sometimes the video dept. at the school will do this.
May 8, 2008
South Florida
My dd just had her end of the year party and one thing that stuck out to me that the coach did to put a personal touch on the year and to make sure that every girl was recognized - he gave each girl a brand new softball with their STATS for the year written on them which he wrote himself with a sharpie, I thought it was real cool and just wanted to share that with everyone. All the girls thought it was the coolest thing and we did the pizza thing like you are planning!! GOOD LUCK!!
Jul 16, 2008
Not HS, but every year after TB I make a 20-30 min movie that I show. It has both still photos and video of the year, I put it to music and so far it's been a hit.

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