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either out or not


Jun 22, 2008
Good info. You make the bang-bang call as much with your hearing at first as you do with your eyes. At umpire school they actually do a drill with you making the call blindfolded using hearing alone.
While that is a nice exercise, but not a fan of it being taught. Different sounds from the same source is very possible and vice versa. I've often seen a player catch a throw to a base with little to no audible sound. Same with a BR touching 1B.

Sounds can be helpful, but shouldn't become a standard part of the umpire's standard decision making process.

I am not saying it should not be used as it can be very helpful. I have used it a few times. The most notable was in a World Cup game in Plant City, FL Runner trying to stretch a deuce into a triple and the throw from left center was wide (2B side of 3rd). The infielder caught the ball and made a desperate swing trying to tag the runner diving into 3B. I never saw a definitive tag, but I heard the glove catch the cleats of the runner. I called the out on the evidence I had available.

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