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eating tips for tounements

Jun 22, 2008
hi does anyone have any tips for girls while playing in touney's (16u) i have noticed a lot of our girls are tired and sluggish after a couple of games has a new parent to this i would like to know what i can do for my daughter to help her stay sharp and keep her energy up any help would be great thanks
May 8, 2008
South Florida
Hi Bombers

As a parent of 2 girls playing the game I am packing a cooler every weekend. I have learned throught the years being in South Florida where it gets extremely warm that for fruit I get green seedless grapes and freeze them the night before and I make either turkey or ham wraps with what the girls like on them cause the greasy consession food is not good for them and sits so heavy in the stomachs that is why I make wraps instead of using bread cause it sits heavy in their stomachs. I know the grapes provide that energy boost for them and they love them!! Doing it this way also keeps them eating properly and saves me money a Win Win situation. Oh yes and I always have oranges cut up and ready to go. Hope this helps:D
May 9, 2008
Performance Nutrition For Game Days


Proper nutrition for softball players is critical. Especially when they are competing in Tournaments. Each day they have multiple games and they expend enormous amounts of energy. Particularly Pitchers and Catchers because they are involved in every play when they are on the field.

Carbs and Fats are fuel that the human body uses during athletic performance. Protein is used to rebuild muscles after performance. The following is a condensation of the ideas and concepts presented in the book "Winning State".

Proper nutrition is extremely important for athletes to compete at their top levels. Food is literally fuel for your body. Using the right type of fuel will improve your energy levels and result in better game day performance. Food can be put into two categories types and sources. Types include: protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Sources include bad, good, and premium. Combining carbs and fats from premium sources gives you high energy levels for intense competition.

On game day two hours before game time you should eat a piece of fruit (apple, orange, banana, etc. ) and drink a 16 oz. glass of water. Follow that by eating a bagel or muffin combined with cream cheese or peanut butter one hour prior to the game warm up. Trail mix and Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches are also a good source for combined carbs and fats. Don't eat junk food. The proper fuel sequence is Water + Carbs + Fats = Game Power.

Do not eat protein prior to the game. Protein is for after the game to help muscles recover from the stress of the activity. At tournaments this means after all the games of the day are over. Do not drink sports drinks such as Gatorade as they have dyes, preservatives and sugar that is difficult for the body to process. Hydrate with water only. Our bodies are 70% water not 70% sports drink. If you are concerned about electrolyte balances and mineral depletion due to exertion use a multi-mineral tablet, it will do more for your electrolyte levels and will keep your muscles from cramping.

After you have fueled up lie down and rest while your body digests it's fuel and prepare for the game, you can listen to some of your favorite music to relax. If you need energy during the game eat a carbs and fats combo for potent gametime energy. Remember to drink plenty of water during the game even if you are not thirsty. After the game you can eat a protein carb combo to help with recovery. Such as a Grilled Fish/Chicken with Pasta/Rice/Veggies, a Stuffed Potato, a Turkey Sandwich, or a Chicken Wrap. Eating healthy foods in the proper combination while staying hydrated will fuel your body and give you a competitive advantage on gameday.

Best Regards,

Jun 16, 2008
I read somewhere about peanut butter & jelly being the best food in between games and so far it has worked well for our dd. Just enough to boost energy and stave off hunger but not so much as it slows her down. I was glad to see that I have been following Pops "plan" pretty much. It drives me crazy to see girls heading off for fast food in between games. They come back sluggish and grumpy. Something for Lori to consider regarding turkey sandwiches or wraps - turkey produces a chemical that makes you tired. Not a good option when your looking to amp up for the next game.
Oct 8, 2008
Long Island, NY
Something for Lori to consider regarding turkey sandwiches or wraps - turkey produces a chemical that makes you tired. Not a good option when your looking to amp up for the next game.
I agree with Pops but I am not sure about just water, I do let the girls drink Propel, gatorade etc. On the comment about turkey the chemical is triptofan (?) and contrary to many it does not cause you to be tired as many people think on thanksgiving, it the fact we eat so much at our thanksgiving meal that make us so tired.

What is a good in game snack or between game snack, they have to eat something I usually tell the girls turkey or grilled chicken nothing fried, fatty, cheesey or salted. Any other suggestions?

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