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Easton Stealth purple/white bat

Jul 21, 2008
I was wondering if anyone has the easton stealth purple /white bat. I know this is a good bat and on my daughters travel team 3 different girls have this bat. On all three bats if you hold them at the knob and move the barrel back and forth quickly you can feel the barrel move seperatly from the handle. This bat has a hinge between the handle and the barrel. Should the bat be stiff ? If you hold the barrel and hit the knob of the bat on the ground you get a very dead feel, this is very different from other bats. Has anyone experienced this with there Stealth?
May 7, 2008
San Jose, CA
Coach Dan,
Should the bat be stiff ?
The 2008 Stealth does flex at the joint. My experience is the more you use the bat the greater the flex and some eventually fail at the flex point. If your daughter’s teammates have used these for a while this might be what you are feeling. The students I have that used this bat loved it. I felt although it performed very well, for a $300.00 bat it failed or broke too often.


Jun 24, 2008
Emmetsburg, Ia
Our 2007 Stealth flexed at the joint as well. The more it was used the more it flexed. I was certain it was broken, but the girls kept hitting with it. It finally became two pieces the other day. Every girl who hit a homerun with it went to the burial ceremony at the flagpole. (Not kidding!) A teammate of my DD has broken three 2008 purple/white Stealths. She decided to switch and go with a Combat now.


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