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Driveline Hitting Plyos Sale (Better version of TCB’s?)

Dec 11, 2010
I did not care for the results I saw of hitting Total Control balls. I ended up selling mine years ago.

I see Driveline Baseball has their hitting plyos on sale. You get a 16 pack, four weigh 200 grams, four weigh 250 grams, four weigh 300 grams, four weigh 350 grams.

Total control balls weigh 425 grams. (14.9 ounces)

A real softball weighs between 6.25 and 7 oz (177.2 and 198.4 g)

Y’know.... I’m a sucker for this stuff. The Driveline balls are quite a bit lighter. Is it possible that there could be a real benefit to hitting these lighter versions of a TCB?

Talk me down. This is a bad idea! Why do I want to buy these just because they are lighter!!!
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Oct 3, 2011
Right Here For Now
Personally, I love the TCBs and their equivalent Powerballs. The Pro side far outweighs the Cons. The only con I have is they should not be used with the younger girls because they haven't developed the wrist strength and the shock of hitting these may injure them.
That said, this would be a great compliment to the TCBs for those players to build up their wrist strength before moving on to the full weight of TCBs. The only Con with these that I can see is that they will fly quite a bit further than TCB's...especially with the stronger, more mature hitters.

ETA: BTW you need to stop doing this. Now I want a set too.
Dec 11, 2010
@YOCOACH I’ll leave out the part about buying the Quant Tee for when dd gets home for winter break then, lol!

My kids were both pretty young when we were using the TCB’s.

I do remember that when you had one that the sand leaked out of they would fly pretty far. And they would scream back at you like a rocket.

I think what got me going on the ploy hitting balls was watching a guy absolutely rake hitting them in a cage.

Haven’t had much issue with bat drag personally. We do mostly hit real balls with real bats. We have been using Trey Hannam’s half bats quite a bit with jugs foam balls. I really like those.
Jul 29, 2013
North Carolina
I was always in the take it or leave it camp with TCB’s. And the ONLY reason I bought them was for warming up between games with limited space.

This new team I’m helping, those girls absolutely love hitting TCB balls, they dig them out of the bucket, they pick out the perfect spot to hit them, and they usually do two rounds with them!

And these girls smash those balls, I keep waiting for a Ghost to snap in half and the barrel helicopter me to death!
Dec 11, 2010
Lol! Throwing TCB’s was my job on a 14u team many moons ago. They gave me tendinitis! Be careful with those things man!

One of the reasons I like the plyos of different weights is maybe you get some different trajectories and speeds. If I was using them today I would be using hole balls mixed in too.
Nov 18, 2015
Haven’t had any break after a few seasons.

The hole balls are great. I also picked up some boombah brand ones - tcb’s are thicker, and much less affected by wind.

In fact - we bring those to the beach now, rather than a real whiffle ball. Makes pitching much easier!

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