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Drills to correct arm circle timing?

May 9, 2019
My DD has always been early with her arm circle in relation to her push off the plate. From what I've read, your drive foot should be coming off the plate at around 3 o'clock. My DD is almost at 12 o'clock. I've tried different queues to help her, even incorporating a backswing thinking that might help but it didn't do anything.

What is usually the reason for the late push off? I read some threads about quad dominant vs glute dominant athletes and understand that thrusting at the hips should be the focus to help with this. Aside from that is there anything else to help with this?

Also, what is affected in a negative way by not having optimal hand position at specific sequences of the pitch?
Apr 12, 2015
Quad dominant vs. glute dominant has no bearing on the timing, in my opinion. Just the force of the drive.

Bad timing when the arm is ahead of the legs (which is a common issue) simply means the pitcher is arm dominant rather than drive dominant.

The reason you want the correct timing is because this allows the body to set up and stabilize for optimal front side resistance and brush-assisted whip.

Here is the cure (the specific post addressing this within the drive mechanics thread):

Oct 1, 2014
Back in the old days when Java was around on DFP he promoted the SFG (stand fall go) drill for this. My DD had (and still does at times have) this issue.

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