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Oct 8, 2008
Long Island, NY
Let beat this dead horse again. I think i have it right but i want to make sure. Here is a lineup:
1 Chris CF
2 Alyssa DP
3 Nicole LF
4 Jamie C
5 Ashley SS
6 Victoria 1B
7 Lindsay 3B
8 Mary 2B
9 Suzanne RF
10 Gina FX

Would a defensive position swap of 2 Alyssa DP with 4 Jaime C be allowed providing they both still are batting and they do not swap position in the batting order, this is just for defense. Thanks
May 7, 2008
Yes - the DP can play any defensive position, and that does not alter the batting order. In your example, Jamie gets to rest on defense while Alyssa catches; both still hit in their same spots. Next inning, you could put Alyssa at SS and give Ashley a rest. You can do this with the DP any number of times without running afoul of the re-entry rules or altering the batting order - that's the beauty of it.

The exception on the re-entry situation is if you sub the DP for the Flex player on defense; then you can only re-enter the flex player one time.