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Don’t Touch the Players


Just a narcissistic sociopath chasing rainbows
Jun 8, 2016
@RADcatcher, some of the kids at the 6 and 7 YOA level have never even picked up a bat before. It is impossible to get a kid to hit without positioning her arms a few times.

In the normal situation, you have 15 kids for a one hour practice.
Most of them have been pretty good with me just showing..but a few look through me like I am a window.. :LOL:


Possibilities & Opportunities!
Dec 13, 2019
Maybe, and like I said I probably won't do it anymore, but I have to ask, how many 6 and 7 YO have you instructed??
Also, to answer my original question, I guess my penance is to get lambasted by you... :p
Was responding to comment on the original post. Offer some feedback.
Not about you and that cute little story.
Jul 29, 2013
North Carolina
I was thinking cattle prod, but a drop kick works too, and provides a better visual.
I like the cattle prod idea.....just don’t want to walk around looking like some kind of a warden overlooking a chain gang! My butt kicking foot goes everywhere I go!

Maybe a small pocket sized stun gun? You know we better quit before the PC crowd shows up!


Just a narcissistic sociopath chasing rainbows
Jun 8, 2016
Back to the OP, I didn't have any coaches growing up who were exuberant in their praise, starting with my father from age 7-12 to my college coach. A nod and a golf clap was about all you got...high fives, fist bumps, chest bumps, etc....LOL. Now if you messed up, that was a different story..does throwing a basketball at your head count as touching (that wasn't my father...)? :LOL:
May 6, 2015
Coaches restrict contact for celebration to fist bumps, high fives, elbow taps, etc.

now, I can see it being necessary occaistional to help with hand/arm motion and placement for hitting and throwing (more than a few times I have stood behind a player, and guided their arm through the throwing motion at very early age levels).
Nov 15, 2019
Last night I had the opportunity to take in the first game on a new high school field. Two of the top teams in the state paired against one another. Big crowd and perfect weather.

To get right to the point I was amazed at one of the coach’s behavior. Hands all over the players, chest bumping players, and more behavior you wouldn’t expect to see from a coach.

I say all of that to offer a suggestion to any of the coaches out there - don’t touch the players.
DD has had coaches give her shoulder a squeeze or a quick one armed side hug. It hasn't been an issue for us. I'd consider a chest bump inappropriate.
Feb 20, 2020
I think a grown-ass man chestbumping high school girls has all sorts of not great optics. Especially in front of a crowd. Touching them at all would be risky, if not actionable in some cases. So OP was right to be skeeved a bit -- I imagine a lot of viewers were as well.

RAD made the best point -- it's not your intentions, it's the actions, and the ability of someone else to mis-interpret them.

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