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Does anyone have experience with the Bat Drag Buster?

Aug 20, 2018
I've seen it mentioned in some threads but I haven't found one that specifically talks about it. I'm fully aware that there are not fix all tools, those don't exist, but I also know that some tools are helpful and others are trash. So I'm wondering if anyone has experience with this product. My 14u team has some decent hitters, but bat drag is something I have to work on quite a bit. Is this a product that would be helpful or is it a pass? If anyone has other suggestions, please throw them my way.


Feb 15, 2017
Built my own with 2 D rings, some velcro and heavy duty rubber band. Have like 6 bucks in it and was the best softball money I have ever spent. Over 2 months last winter completely changed DDs swing where she understood spacing, the power position and how to turn the barrel. May not be the cure for every kid but I am flat out sold that it has a purpose. Began working with another girl using it and within 3 sessions she went from “oh man that is bad” to “thats a pretty solid swing”. Just my 2 cents
Oct 2, 2015
Got one for DD2 and DD3.
Even though they are fairly strong for their age/size, they just couldn't shake the batdrags... (That's a medical ailment ya know) :D

Buy it...it worked for us...
Dec 15, 2013
I had it.. It gives them a good "feel".. Basically makes them to understand their elbows need to be apart as they swing. Could be make pretty easy. The band broke eventually. In live swings it isnt the most helpful. It can be exhausting after a while for a kid because of the resistance..

having think about her hands isn't a fix imo. For most hitters, their top hand is their dominant hand, so when they think too much about their hands, then they fire that dominant arm quicker than the front (hence bat drag)

Connection Drill.
have her attach the bat to her back shoulder, like splitting the top half. (knob at the catchers feet).. She will have fix her posture in a way that she can accomplish this (some forward tilt). Then have her take slow motion swings where the barrel does not release from her back shoulder until before contact (whenever is most comfortable without looking stiff). Then you can speed it up until she feels comfortable.

Understanding sequence is the key to helping bat drag too. The "leveling" that some players do before they swing creates bat drag. There are alot of sequence drills that can help this.
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