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Do your homework

Nov 4, 2019
My daughter has been playing club softball in Northern nj since the 6th grade . She’s now a sophomore in high school. As a parent it’s hard to determine when to walk away from a program or whether a program is good to begin with . Unfortunately in my case the 1st 2 programs we were involved with were more about the money & their own children & less about the program & the kids & families that were loyal to it . Here are some things to look for when looking for a good program, Stability....if a program has changed their name there’s a reason for it , this more than likely means they have a bad reputation . Winning history....if they lose a lot that means bad coaching & bad culture (game changer is a good way to check this) , and lastly , player turnover. If their looking for multiple players at all levels that means they didn’t treat their previous players the right way . Remember, Do your homework !!

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