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Direction of college softball

Jan 13, 2009
Given some of the responses in this forum and the current economic situation, what is the prospect of college softball programs? I would find it difficult to believe that softball is a money maker for most colleges, so does it survive simply because of Title IX?

Will the Olympic elimination have an impact?

As an example, college wrestling programs are on the chopping block in my area of the country because they are no longer economically feasible. Look for a collegiate wrestling program in the state of Florida. They don't exist.

Youth programs seem stronger than ever. What does the future hold for college softball?

Ken Krause

May 7, 2008
Mundelein, IL
Unfortunately, many wrestling programs blame Title IX for their lack of funding. All sports except men's basketball and football struggle for funding.

That being said, women's softball does seem to be growing at the collegiate level. From what I've seen it should be fine. I don't think the Olympics will have any effect. Just my opinion.


Softball fan
Feb 28, 2008
Montreal, Canada
College softball will probably remain strong despite the recent disappearance of the University of Vermont program and big cuts on the University of Hawaii budget. A few will hurt, that is for sure.

I think the cuts will be in travel and recruiting budgets and also in the number of scholarships each school gives out.

And coaches' pay will probably not increase that much.

That is what I think.
Jan 13, 2009
I think that is part of the larger question. Although Title IX is a statutory issue, to what end will schools continue to meet the requirements if the athletic programs continue to put a financial burden on the schools.

Did Title IX affect wrestling programs. Yes
Was Title IX the correct thing to do. Yes

I'm hoping schoools do not have to make the choice to remove both mens and womens athletics to overcome financial shortcomings.
Dec 3, 2008
Correct, Title IX has affected wrestling programs. I suppose my point, however, is that Title IX -- by design -- would not have affected wrestling programs. The three-pronged test that is a part of Title IX provides an athletic department with many, many solutions toward being Title IX compliant. Wrestling programs being cut in favor of women's programs was/is a lack of innovation from the athletic administration.

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