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Did see that coming........


Jun 8, 2016
For Texas sake, let's hope this hire turns out better than their recent football HC hires..
Feb 16, 2015
South East
Walton used the threat of the Texas job as leverage to get Florida to cough up a bigger contract. Not sure if the headhunters ever contacted him directly but he sure told Florida that he was going to listen if they did.

Mike White likely asked Oregon as well to match and they just said 'No'. Roster-wise the cupboard may not be totally bare in Texas, but it is certainly not as full as it currently is at Oregon.

I guess we are on the slow climb to being just like Football and Basketball :)
It will be interesting to see what type of players he will be able to get in such a talent filled state.

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Feb 17, 2015
Texas definitely has the money to pay Mike White some big money with the Longhorn Network bringing the college an extra $14.75 million a year. And it sounds like they did just that. It also sounds like they are going to break the bank and build a new facility similar to what he had at Oregon. The problem I see with it is that he will still be competing against the SEC and PAC 12 for players. Besides Oklahoma in softball, the Big 12 is not a power conference anymore. I think basketball is still prominent but football and their other sports have faded over the years since they allowed Texas to have their own TV channel. The Longhorn Network killed the Big 12 driving away some quality schools like Missouri, Texas A&M and Nebraska. I hope this works out for them because I would love to see Texas relevant again.
Nov 25, 2012
Connie Clark was an awesome coach and the only Texas Softball Coach they have ever had. Like all sports, sometimes you need a change and I appreciate all she did for the University of Texas. Her teams appeared to love her and I think she did a great job while she was there.

With that said, I personally think UT just shook the D1 world with the addition of Coach White. It may not happen tomorrow but I don't think it will take very long for the Longhorns to be back in the mix and heading to the WCWS again. I believe the guy is that good and girls are going to want to come play for him. Actually, I think he is better than that good, and one of the few elite in the game.

I say all this as many here know I am a Sooner but thrilled he is in the state of Texas and in the Big 12. Agree the conference hasn't been very strong as of late and this indeed will help the cause.

Welcome to Texas Coach White!

Aug 21, 2008
I played with and against Whitey for a long time. We won an Olympic Festival Gold medal together in 1994, the first year he was a citizen and eligible to tryout for the US National team. He stayed at my house in New Zealand for a couple weeks when he went 'home' to visit family in the late 1990's, so I consider him a friend and I may be biased in my opinion. That said, not only is he considered by nearly everyone who's ever played Men's Fastpitch to be one of the top 3 pitchers of all time, he is also the smartest guy I have ever known when it comes to softball. I would sit near him on team flights, in the dugout, etc. just to pick his brain about things. He has truly forgotten more about pitching than most will ever know, he truly is that good. He made Oregon a powerhouse in short period of time, with the resources and talent of Texas at his disposal, I can only imagine it will take an even shorter time to turn Texas around than it did Oregon. A few years ago, he signed a 6 year, $1.4 million deal with the Ducks, obviously Texas surpassed that. On top of that, with no state tax in Texas, that adds even more to the pocket. And I'm kicking myself for not seeing this coming when his #1 assistant took the HC job at Alabama-Birmingham a few days ago. That should've been the first sign that something was coming!!

Sep 3, 2018
It's only Softball, Nike doesn't have much of a footprint in softball, Knight is concerned with winning titles in sports with eyeballs on them at Oregon, not many eyeballs on softball.

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