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Development outside the league

May 9, 2008
Hartford, CT
I live in the Hartford Ct area....

Looking for softball camps/clinics to help my daughters learn more about the game and improve skills.

How do you know if a camp is good?
Saw one in MA ...softballcamps.com .....how would I know that my kid would be safe ...then is it worth $1K.

I definitely can help my girls...but we lack space and time (5 kids between 3 and 14).
A one week camp is great....but kids need long term reinforcement ...

every coach they have teaches stuff differently ...

Although we are beginning to align with a single pitching approach and a standardized hitting bunting style so the girls aren't get told told 5 things in a single clinic anymore!
May 7, 2008
Nike Camps are reputable. According to my brochure, there are two in CT...Fairfield University and the University at New Haven. My dd has attended Nike Camp for two years.