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Defining Running Speed


Possibilities & Opportunities!
Dec 13, 2019
Regarding running speed and
Affectiveness and how you would interpret it as a skill set.

What running speed would you consider it a skillset worthy of becomming that specialized bunt/slap/hit for a base hit type batter?
Examples~running to 1st.
2.6 / 2.7 very strong possibilty of being safe.
3.0 possiblity of being safe.
3.6 its an out.

We consider speed is a great attribute to being an outfileder.
However outfield skills are measured with additional things than just speed, reaction time, foot/ glove work, arm and such.

In compairison then
SPEED in itself is a skillset that can elevate the potential for a player . so what speed is that attribute notable?

What running speed defines a players potential for the ability to be a relyable bunter/slapper/hitter.
What batting average with it
Would be your expectation.
If they succeed by bunting and being safe
1 in 3
Would that qualify for a spot in your line up?

There are those that would like that speed for extra base hits!
What speed would you consider that extra base hitter?
Who turns a hit in the gap to a double?
Turns into a triple?

3.1 turns it into a double
2.8 turns it into a triple

Hmmm? If their getting extra bases,... how fast do you want your outfield to be ??? ;)
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Jersey Girl
May 27, 2013
My dd has been timed at 2.8 home to first. She is a slapper for a high level regional 18U team. If she gets the ball on the ground and it takes two to three bounces she’s typically going to be safe.

Too many slappers IMO always try to hard slap it and it winds up being a line drive to 3B or SS. If a slapper has good speed and can keep it bouncing on the ground then she’ll have a higher chance of being safe. Even if it is not a clean hit the defense usually has to field it flawlessly to get the out. Any slight bobble can lead to a ROE.

For slappers I’d focus more on OB% vs batting average.

ETA: Used my dd and her team level as an example as she’s not the fastest but her time does enable her to get hits and ROE often against very good competition.
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Possibilities & Opportunities!
Dec 13, 2019
Quick as a cat - runs like a deer. If you have both, watch out.
Have an incredibly talented catching student you just described! Made me think of her!
( call her that cuz she was tiny when we started lessons together :))
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Possibilities & Opportunities!
Dec 13, 2019
Running speed really helps
for stealing bases too!
Do you look for players with speed for your team?

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Nov 26, 2010
I don't know the definition of fast, but when you see it you know it. And you can go a while thinkin you have seen it, and then when you do see it. Its amazing.

My dd played with a girl who wound up being state champion 100m Hurdles, state finalist in the 200m hurdles and school record holder in several other distances. Probably would have won more at states but she was hurt her Junior year. Ended up at a D1 school for track. At 14u no one, I mean no one could consistently get her out on a bunt. It was literally something if you saw it, you would remember it. As a frame of reference my DD was the middle schools #1 hurdler her 8th grade year, 2 or third best in the county depending on the distance. At that age they run 55m hurdles. This girl came up the year after my dd and she was beating my dd's times by around 2 seconds. In a 55m race thats a lot. My dd did it on technique, this kid did it on speed and technique.

The funny thing was, she was slow out of the box, she would lay it down, almost have to set her feet and then go. It was amazing to see. And she was right handed. Third base would be even with the pitcher and she would still beat the throw, it was fun to watch.
Jun 16, 2010
You will know it when see it.
We had really quick girls on 16u/18gold.

The slower of the 2 was good slapper. Her on base % was about 75%. She was very fast out of the box. She was team USA. She hit ball into dirt, and it frequently bounced over infield heads. She could also hit it over fence when swing away.

The other girl...not as good slapper, or as quick out of the box...but actually faster on the bases than first girl. She bunted a lot, and was the better outfielder of the two. went to the same school as the girl who made team USA..... But she sat the bench..... And transferred after 3 years.

The most important thing is getting on base. You can't score unless you get on base. If you can't get on base a very high percentage of the time , and you're not a heavy hitter, that speeds going to make you a pinch-runner at best. Same thing happened to my cousin's daughter...... Ended up riding the pine and pinch running... Until she changed schools.

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