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DD's New Glove

Jun 23, 2018
After 2 years (a year of league and then 1st year of 10U TB), the cheap Wilson special is finally needing to be retired. We took the DD to a large sporting goods store to let her try on ALL the gloves to see what she liked and of course she liked the higher end glove, the Rawlings Liberty Advanced. Once she tried it on, she wore it around the store and only took it off to try on another then put it back on. It's a good thing she's an only child.

We found the same glove on Amazon for $70 less than the store and after saving up for the last couple of weeks, finally made the purchase. She can't wait to get it on the field. She spent and hour last night before bedtime putting conditioner on it and working on breaking it in.

It's probably a lot more glove than a 10 yo needs, but it's what she wanted and the look on her face when she opened the box made it worth it. Besides, if she takes care of it, it should last till she outgrows it.


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May 1, 2018
Great glove. Might be too much for her but it and she will get there. Sucker will be red before you know it lol. Both my kids have formerly white gloves.
May 24, 2013
So Cal
Nice glove! :)

My DD used a Worth Liberty Advanced (the previous generation of the Rawlings series of the same name) starting at 10yo. At the time she was playing 10U TB, and it got a lot of use. She split time with between IF and C, so it didn't see 100% action, but it held up very nicely. We replaced it at the end of her second 12U season, but it still had some life left.

Also...Welcome to DFP! :)
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Oct 4, 2018
That's what parenting is all about. Getting those smiles and wasting all your disposable income. ;)

Seriously though, sounds like she's earned it and will use it well and get your money's worth out of it.
Apr 16, 2013
She'll make good use of it for years. When my DD was 8 I went from her Walmart glove to an A2000. Wasn't until last year (almost 14) that the laces broke on the bottom side. Still could have fixed it but moved on up to a slightly larger glove. That glove still has a lot of life in it for someone that can relace it. That's why I've been a big proponent of buying a GOOD glove vs an el cheapo. Buy one and use it for many years, if not life, vs buying an el cheapo every year or two.
Mar 13, 2010
As someone who’s played for close to 30 years I’ve had 4 gloves. A glove that fits you can’t be beaten. The only reason I got my third glove was because my second got stolen. Third I hated and my current (and planned last) is my Nokona which I love wholeheardtly.

Gloves are worth the money.
Sep 3, 2018
Always been some what of a glove fiend, I relace, repair a d condition gloves for about 15 years now. With my son's both out of college and now no longer playing my niece benefits from my affliction.
At 8 when she first started travel and her organization required Mizuno gloves she got a pair of Global Elites and then they were relaced with maroon laces to match the organizations unis. Since then she has had Nokona and A2000s that i have also customized and a Rawlings HotH I ordered in red white and blue to match that organizations uniforms.
She has a room at my house and shelves of equipment that she doesn't use, I'll need to take some photos.

Also.... if anyone knows where I can get a 2018 A2000 Romero, let me know, her HS wears red white and Navy and I want to find her one of those before she starts HS in a couple years. The 2019 is gray

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