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DD video - looking for advice

Oct 15, 2018
https://youtu.be/7I_nmwIeaO4 slo mo video

Just looking for advice on what she needs to work on / focus to improve. Stride, front side resistance. The only formal pitching coach she's had was only for a short time because she really struggled with him and after browsing through some of these threads I thinks it was because she throws naturally with I/R more than anything and her coach was a Hello Elbow guy.
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Oct 15, 2018
Thanks. She does swim her glove somewhat. Been trying to work to correct that as well as she was turning her foot a little at push off. After seeing the pitching coach for a short bit it was like the things we were trying to correct she couldn't and then she started struggling with pitch locations to boot. I feel that that was because he kept on her about her release ( elbow up) which she was not used to doing before so it was just throwing her whole motion into disarray.
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Dec 4, 2014
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Thanks. She does swim her glove somewhat. Been trying to work to correct that as well as she was turning her foot a little at push off
Drive foot turnout looks to be minimal, from what I can see. I wouldn't worry with it. Some of the best in the business turn that drive foot a bit at push off
Apr 12, 2015
I would agree with Shaker. Some will advocate an absolute straight drive foot, but I think this is improper. Individual bodies need to be accounted for. Film her feet from the front while she is sprinting. If her feet are turned out slightly in this action as long as they do not turn further out in her drive it is nothing to worry about.

She looks pretty solid to me.
Oct 15, 2018
She’s actually toes out just a tad when she walks so you are probably right that it’s just her build. Her drive mechanics is an area she’s been really trying to improve on. She was struggling with front side resistance but after shortening her stride length, she’s improving a lot on that. The pitching coach she saw briefly was all over her for her release and arm circle ( he wanted Hello Elbow) and when she tried to adjust to that it seemed to cause a chain reaction in her whole motion. We quit him, let her take a little break from pitching and now she’s back to work how she has always thrown. Just from reading through this board, watching videos etc I think she throws I/ R naturally pretty well ( although I’m far from an expert but just by looking at her arm in slo mo) and that’s why she was way more successful before she went to the pitching coach ( it was frustrating for her trying to throw in what seemed unatural to her.

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