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DD hung up her cleats due to concussions

Apr 12, 2016
AJ Thompson Blog https://thoughtsforjoy.wixsite.com/website/home/when-life-doesn-t-meet-your-expectations

Hey all, some of you have followed along and know some of my DD's story. She suffered a concussion last year, came back this year ready to play and took another shot or two to the head in the fall. For the sake of her privacy I haven't said anything publicly although I have reached out to several of the other dads on this forum over the last 15 months who have girls playing in college. Thank you to those who have been good sounding boards during that time. Anyway, she posted a blog and told me that I was welcome to share it on this forum. Enjoy. She is a great kid and will do just fine without softball.
Jan 5, 2018
55dad....thank you for sharing. What a great and thoughtful perspective. One I will keep for my DD when her softball playing days end.
Dec 2, 2013
Thanks for sharing. I can tell she has a good head on her shoulder even though it keeps getting knocked around! She will make a positive impact in other aspects of her life...even if it's not on the dirt.
Feb 19, 2016
She's obviously a great person. It's hard for me, with two 10 year old kids, imagining the difficult choices that are coming all too soon for them that they'll have to make on their own. I hope they can approach each one with the grace that your DD has. Our best wishes to her and to you. Thanks for sharing.
Feb 15, 2016
Thanks for sharing 55dad. Concussions are no joke. I wish your DD nothing but the best in the future. It sounds like she has a good foundation for the future.
Apr 16, 2010
One thing that parents of players of all ages need to understand is the danger of concussions. Never try and rush them back and make sure they are protected as well as possible. My cousin's DD started 4 years in college and won a WCWS but she almost didn't get to experience that. She had two major concussions in HS playing softball and got to the point in college when she homered her teammates had to know they couldn't hit her on the helmet to congratulate her. It may have been overboard but it was a precaution that had to be taken because the wrong shot could have caused another one and ended her career.

She played MIF and wasn't a catcher so it can happen at any position.