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DD got noticed (not really a big deal - but kinda)

Apr 26, 2015
DD's team played in Park City this last weekend - playing up at 16s (they are a 2nd yr 14s team).
DD's coach was approached this weekend and asked specifically about DD! Now I know a lot of members on here have stud ball players so this is nothing new...but DD is not your typical stud so this was kinda cool. DD did not invite any coaches to this tourney or take flyers as it was a last minute thing.

DD was catching - she really prefers to play CF because it's easier on her knees but her team currently does not have a catcher, so she catches. She was the primary catcher on her previous team of 4 years, but has never had a catching lesson - just a few pointers here and there. She is a skinny little thing and a lefty. This coach was apparently impressed by her receiving skills and her athleticism behind the plate. She asked about DD's academics and where they would be playing next!

I know it's not that big of a deal, but it kinda is for DD.

This coming on the heels of the Sparkler...DD played in the All Star Game and was selected to the All American game as well. During the All Star Game DD was playing OF. I was standing under an overhang to stay out of the rain and a different coach was standing next to me. He was making conversation - weather, field conditions, etc and then said "wow, I came out here to watch this pitcher, but I can't take my eyes off that little, lefty in the OF". She had just made a throw from RF to 3rd for a tag and from deep center to home. He was commenting on how her throws don't tail off like most lefties. I just kind of kept my mouth shut...I mean - I was kind wanting to say "that's my kid" but didn't...

I am just so proud of all her hard work!
Apr 16, 2013
Man, nice! We just played in a showcase this weekend and not a single coach watched my DD's games. :( There were definitely some around. Sun my DD batted 1000, nothing less than a double (with 2 HR) and not a dang college coach to see. :(
Apr 26, 2015
Um, yeah, it's a huge deal! Congratulations!!!
Awe thanks! I've posted before how DD isn't your typical stud. She doesn't hit homeruns and she isn't a stud shortstop or pitcher. She is a lefty OF/part time catcher who is a hard working kid with a lot of drive and passion and a great attitude. She gets "her job" done at the plate and sets the table for the batters behind her and she gives it her all whenever/wherever the coach puts her. It's just nice to hear that her hard work is being noticed. I am certainly biased and think my kid is awesome - but to have a DIII coach notice it too is pretty cool.
May 3, 2018
Yeah so, that's a huge deal. Not a huge deal is my first year 10u daughter being called up to 12u and going 3-3 with a legitimate triple and double. She's young and it's rec league, so while it was cool to hear all the other parents marvel, not a huge deal.

Being noticed by college coaches and other high level organizations is certainly a huge deal. Congratulations!

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