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DD at a lesson

Nov 8, 2018
Saw some improvements I think today. Seems to be turning the barrel. Any thoughts on a whole? It’s a work in progress. Baby steps.

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May 30, 2013
Binghamton, NY
to my amateur eyes:

this is not turning the barrel.

You can see her bat dropping a foot or so from starting hand-set,
in direct proportionality with her arms/hands (also dropping at same rate/distance),
and THEN she launches her swing from a "level" position.

As her arms drop, the angle of the bat remains constant.

When I look for TTB, I expect to see hands remaining near the rear shoulder to start,
and the bat head moving downward/rearward, while the knob works upward.
Barrel pivoting in space around the hands, which are the fulcrum.
Sep 29, 2014
Kinda hard to pick it out in slow mo but the general impression I get is handsy and chopping down motion.

I do like her launch position but just doesn't seem like all the energy gets unloaded correctly, also needs to keep her hands above the ball seems like she does want to get on level plane....keep working if you haven't watch the Antonelli and Stone videos watch those or go back and review as needed.

to emphasize corlay's point as the barrel turns the hands should stay relatively still
Jun 8, 2016
But her coach loves it????
To be fair I sometimes have a hard time seeing actions when I am pitching and when I do try to concentrate extra hard to see something I must change my motion because I always get the "Dad!! You threw that one funny.." :rolleyes: Of course I am not a paid hitting instructor (the world breathes a huge sigh of relief..)
Apr 20, 2018
Hit front toss from a launch position or deltoid drill/ Brett drill. Stride foot toe touch back elbow still up and tell her the "the hands hold the damn bat." I didn't realize you were the coach dad. Sorry. She plenty strong so you got that going for you too.