Daughter committed to her #1 school

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Aug 6, 2013
I am so happy to say my girl has verbally committed to play ball at her number 1 college choice. My kid wasn't one of those who wanted to be at a P5 school - she has simple tastes - campus needs to have a Chick-Fil-A and private bathrooms..... j/k (kinda). She honestly loved the school and campus from the first time I took her on a quick driving tour last winter. We found out a teammate's sister plays for the school and were able to ask how she like the program, coaches, etc and got nothing but glowing remarks. She was able to go to a game and get a little mini-tour from the sister/player. That solidified her love, lol. She emailed religiously, sent tons of video, and of course current player kept a small bug in coaches ears. She went to the very first ID camp they could hold (Oct) and she just killed it. That's when I knew this was the school for her. She has been to a LOT of camps and I could just see the different level of intensity she brought to this one. Even I was impressed and that's hard to do since I'm usually her harshest critic.

We got the opportunity to tour with the coaches last Friday. We had the tour on the calendar for a month and during that time she had talked to a few other coaches but her love never wavered. I made it clear we had to be able to afford the school with any offer given and I told her to think long and hard about how she would feel if she accepted an offer and then some "other school" came along and offered her - she said "well K-State doesn't have softball so I will be ok" (we are Kansas transplants and rabid K-State fans - EMAW). They gave her an offer, it was in the pre-agreed upon family ability to pay range, and she accepted on the spot. Coach was surprised, haha.

Haley is super excited to be a future UMBC Retriever. (Baby Retriever as her teammate's sister now calls her). I super excited to no longer have to pay for a bunch of camps!Committed pic.jpgUMBC Pic.jpg


May 27, 2013
So awesome!!! One of DD’s old teammates currently plays for them and we faced their #1 pitcher a few years back. She is the real deal!

Best wishes - they have a great team!!
Aug 1, 2019
EMAW! My second home where I crammed four years of studies into five.
I was so disappointed hearing they had a club team hopeful to become part of the athletic department but were nixed for....Ack!...soccer.
Best of luck to DD!
Oct 3, 2011
Right Here For Now
Congrats! 2 girls from DD's HS team ended up playing college ball. DD and one other. The other played for, and just graduated from UMBC. She absolutely loved it. Best of luck to your DD!

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