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Dante Bichette

Feb 15, 2017
ARod is truly clueless when it comes to hitting mechanics. I use the swing path he recommends when I hit groundballs to my infielders. And he obviously doesn't know squat about golf, you don't hit down on the ball when you want distance with the 'long' clubs like the driver and low irons, you sweep them. You hit down on the ball when you want extra backspin to keep the ball on firm greens. I have no issue with his philosophy on contact.
Afraud's next book will be called how to buy a major league franchsie.

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Jul 29, 2013
That's true.. but there are many ways to cross home plate as per what I was saying above. You can't make blanket statements based on one observation or one of your experiences. And I don't know anything about LSU so I take your word for it. But I do know what's happening with the Jays this year and your comments are not applicable.

Jays 2019
Jays 2020
9th in HR's8th in HR's
Last in BA12th in BA
7th in Most SO's20th in most SOs
20th in Walks11th in walks
27th in OBP15th in OBP
22nd in SAC3rd in SAC
29th in SACF11th in SACF
23rd RPG 11th RPG

Just wanted to post some stats that back up what I am saying. Getting it done with very minimal HR production increase. Imagine those HR's with the bases full.. you need players on bases though :). Look at the improvement in SACs and SACF, the decrease in SO's, increase in walks, major increase in BA.. . HR's are much more effective when you have runners on base ;)
Bases loaded hr or runners on hr's are awesome.
Imagine hitting into an inning ending double play trying to hit a liner up the middle? Not so good.
I'd be interested in seeing the actual numbers and not the relationship to the rest of the league. Maybe everyone else is leaving runners on.
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Jul 29, 2013
Without baserunners you have solo shots. They are both valuable. As a manager, fan or coach I’d rather have A reliable hitter at the plate with one out, a man on third and a tie game.
At the same time behind by 3 in a game and bases loaded I want my slugger at the plate. Both hitters are valuable.

But thinking HR every swing and in every situation is not productive. Still think damage but there are many ways to do damage at the plate that doesn’t involve hitting the ball over the fence.
One out with a runner on 3rd in a tie game?
I'll take the homerun hitter and the walk off.
Jul 29, 2013
LSU played in Oklahoma in 2018.
The eventual winner, UCLA, ranked 4th in run total. Many of the tournament teams were at the top of the run total list.
OU ( lost in the championship) was ranked 25th in run total.
May 12, 2016
One out with a runner on 3rd in a tie game?
I'll take the homerun hitter and the walk off.
The runner just has to cross home plate.. HR fine, single fine, double fine, triple file, sac fly fine, weak grounder fine etc etc. Strike out, worse case scenario. Keep on hacking for the fence with 2 strikes when u only need that runner on third to cross home plate... dumb
Jul 16, 2013
Unfortunately some people believe statistics indicate certainty. They do not... They indicate probability. Very few things in life are truly 100% probable. There are nearly always exceptions. You notice I included "nearly" because there are exceptions to that as well.

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