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Crazy injury - to the bucket dad!

Oct 1, 2014
I ruptured my bicep tendon last year alligator wrestling while skydiving in a squirrel suit. ;-) Kidding obviously, I was casually moving a landscaping rock (correction, the rock didn't move and my body weight caused the tendon to snap. Out of all the crazy stuff I've done and been injured doing this injury and the way it happened pisses me off the most...just lame. I had to push on the Doc to schedule surgery ASAP (which has been recommended here and I agree) and while I have decent range of motion back now it still (17 months later) just isn't the same.
Other than some shin bruises from catching DD on the rare occasions that my other DD wasn't available I escaped that chore in decent shape .
May 17, 2018
I did something very similar to my elbow(glove hand). It feels like I am being stabbed with an ice pic. I went to ortho and said it is just tendinitis. So I switched catching hands! Same thing happened in my throwing elbow 3 years ago. Tore UCL but the pain was tendinitis. Eventually went away.
Aug 1, 2019
Things I learned on a bucket:

1. Clear plastic buckets shatter. The colored ones don't.
2. Keep the dirt in front of the plate higher than the plate to avoid that surprise hop off the lip.
3. Keep several balls right behind you so you don't have to make a highlight reel stretch to save every ball.
4. Shots to the shin hurt some when it happens. They throb about four days later, and that's for another three days.
5. I can keep a poker face even though inside I'm screaming like a stuck pig.
6. Keep several balls right behind you so you don't have to make a highlight reel stretch to save every ball.
7. Sometimes it's just easier to lift the leg and let the pitch go by than try to reach down and fight it in the dirt. I got pretty good at that, so I probably looked a little like this:

Airplane Russian Squat Dance.gifAirplane Russian Squat Dance 2.gif

Almost as handsome, but don't call me Shirley.
Feb 18, 2014
Her pitching coach put a rubber maid garbage can to simulate a batter and she threw a bit too inside. It deflected off the can, went around my glove and got me i the mouth. Split my lip lengthwise where it got me in the teeth. 8 stitches and a lump in my lip as a result. All I remember is seeing the pitch come in, then being face down on the turf. When I came out of the bathroom her pitching coach had taken my place on the bucket. If anything it helped her get over her fear of hitting a batter, that is nothing compared to hitting dad in the face. She finished her lesson and went on to do her hitting lesson while grandma came to take me to get stitches.

I also learned my lesson to not sit too far forward on the bucket. Those lousy indoor fields with the rubber pellet floors cause the ball to get extra bounce. Sitting back will let the ball hit the lip of the bucket instead of your sensitive parts. Critical when it comes to a girl that throws a natural drop ball.
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May 15, 2019
Mine came in batting practice. Found out I had left a gap about the size of a softball between the pitching machine and the screen. Found the gap when my DD hit a low line drive through it and straight into my shin. Two months later and I still have knot on my shin and my DD still laughs about the "dance" I did when I got hit.

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