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Jan 13, 2020
Like this analysis. Personally look for stride foot moving forward at release with plant when is ball halfway to the plate.

- Abbey Cheek Swing Breakdown
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Oct 2, 2017
Say the word one, then go
@efastball The tip for timing at release, helped tremendously with the early to be late issue DD had. The first day of the tournament, she had a lot of issues with her timing. All early to be stuck and late. 2nd day, I told her to forget the starting early stuff and just start at release. So on her own, she started her movement, a tick before release, therefore didn't get stuck, and hardly struggled at all with timing no matter the pitcher she faced that day. While she wan't hitting anything particularly hard, she was hitting pretty much every at bat. It really boosted her confidence!

@Spanky$5 Sorry to derail the thread, just had tell E about that.
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Apr 2, 2015
Woodstock, man
Better, but here's how it could be much better


She hikes her hip upward (green), when it should be flat and turned much more inward to the plate

Her front leg is straight (yellow), when it should be bent, very bent. Keep going forward ON THE BACK LEG (don't reach with the front) until you land on the very bent front leg.

So, when you start the stride, dont start by hiking, start by picking up the front knee (very high, exaggerate to start with).