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concerned about where our reg fees are going

Jun 12, 2015
Our outdoor field rental is $110 per player per year, so in the $1200 range. Indoor winter workouts we also spend in the $1200 range. When my DH does the budget he pads a little here and there, just overestimating expenses a bit so we're more likely to over than under. Good thing since we budgeted on 12 and only have 10. But he keeps a spreadsheet with full accounting, our budget is posted on the group we use to communicate with parents, and at the end any money left over is used either for a team party, towards the world series, or goes back to the parents. Though we've never had enough left over to give any back. We have funded a team party, though.

Jul 16, 2013
Indoor Practices -- There is a local facility with 6 cages and small areas for pitching and fielding. The annual charge is $50 per player but they do have team discounts. We typically used that facility throughout the winter but also on rainy days during the summer.

Outdoor Practices -- We found a local field that was used for little league that was willing to let us use the field for free. We just had to schedule our practices around their game schedules and needed to keep it clean. Clean up our garbage... Rake the infield after practice... Etc. I realize not everyone will be able to find a scenario like this, but it worked great for our team.
Apr 20, 2015
Indoor practice really depends on your area. By us you have to practice indoors in January, Feb and March...its usually april before temps get out of the 30s and then here comes the rain so we use parking lots and whatever we can find. Very few parks have fields so you pay for those too. High schools don't maintain their fields in the off season so they go to grass it's insane. Prices are crazy too at 75 to 80 dollars an hour so figure 150 dollars to 300 a week depending in how many practices you want and costs add up fast.

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