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College Camps


DFP Vendor
Nov 17, 2020
Huntley, IL
Have my eye out for college camps including D3 and not finding much, was registered for one at NIU that cancelled. Anything in the midwest?
Nov 5, 2014
January is typically a big camp month but D1 schools are in a recruiting dead period until April 15th due to Covid so all D1 camps are cancelled until that date at a minimum.

While D2 and D3 schools are not affected by the dead period many of the schools have strict Covid rules that restrict anyone from visiting campus and therefore make it impossible to hold camps.

All that said I have seen some D3 camps here in the northeast and mid atlantic regions so I would assume there are some available in the Midwest as well just not as many as a normal year
Nov 15, 2019
We've run across a couple, but not many. Have you signed up for the camp emails through Ryzer?