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Coaches: how would you react if a player asked you to back off a little bit? Respectfully of course.

Jun 27, 2018
Ok so here’s the scenario. A 16u player has been a strong power hitter since 12u. She comes to a new team. Hits .652 and has a SLG of .812 and an OBP if .650 in the Fall season. Over the winter for whatever reason the coach decides to try to change her swing. I think because it’s just different from what he teaches and he thinks he’s helping her. The player now can’t hit a beach ball this Spring. Frustration is growing and she’s not getting any better. It’s now in her head. She’s trying to work with her hitting coach to correct it. It’s becoming mental now. She’s had a little conversation with her coach that she’s just having trouble with his technique. He still is constantly trying to correct her. She’s at the point where she just wants to breath and ask him to leave her alone for a little bit. Like she needs to reset. Would it be disrespectful for her to just try and ask him to back off a little bit? Just give her a little space?

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Jan 28, 2017
Coached a kid that got draft really high and decided to go to JUCO out of HS. The JUCO coach called me after the first two weeks of the season and said he's not hitting. I asked him why did you sign him- because he can hit. Well leave him alone. Conference player of the year both years. Goes to the minors and is the #1 not pitching prospect in the organization and promised a spot if he produced in spring training. Switched GM's and told he will go to Double A no matter what. Kills it. Send to Double A to change his swing. Tried to make him a front foot hitter to help him get out of the box. Stupid! Could rake and wheels. Played close to 10 years in the majors but never hit close to his projection.

Jeff Bagwell's speech- I want to thank my Little League coach for not changing my swing. I'm not sure I could have let him swing that way. Awesome hitter.
Jun 27, 2018
I hope I can explain this correctly. Basically she is taught to coil on her load, turn her shoulders and hips slightly (so that her numbers are SLIGHTLY showing to the pitcher) ...then stride and bring her hips and back foot through and keep her hands centered. Rotate the shoulders. I really don’t know if I explained that fully correctly.

Current coach hates the slight turn/coil. He wants her to lean back straight on her load without the turn/show the numbers. I guess it’s shift back, knob to the ball? Again I don’t know if I’m fully correct on explanation.

I’m not saying his way is bad, it’s just the kid is used to the coil/load way. She’s having a hard time adjusting

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Nov 14, 2014
It really doesn't matter what she's doing. Any coach who messes with a swing that is producing is an idiot. He really needs to be told directly that his way isn't working for her, because he's apparently too stupid to realize it himself. If your DD can't get through to him, time to step in, and yes, I know we're talking about 16U. If the coach won't back down, you should be headed for another team.
Jun 27, 2018
I don’t think he’s coaching next year. So she’s done with him after July.

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Jun 27, 2018
He’s still going to be around within the organization. She likes her team and the club. She likes him too. She just wants to respectfully request him to lighten up a bit and reset herself. She really did not have a problem hitting before and she was VERY confident. Now she’s a mess.

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Jun 8, 2016
I have a really hard time believing that somebody would mess with a swing which hit a legitimate .650 at the 16u level..I have to ask are you the one keeping the book.. ;)

To answer your question, most coaches want to win so I would bet if she is really struggling most wouldn't have much of an issue with it if she explained her mental state at the moment..

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