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Coach needs help

May 28, 2008
We are having our first practice with a group of 14U's who will be playing togeher next year. I thought it would be a great idea to have the girls list 3 things they would like to improve with their game between now at the start of the season. We will be having work outs but a major of the kids play all the sports so it will be difficult to have them all together at once.

I was thinking if we can break it down and get it on paper that would help in making the goals more real.

Does anyhave have any idseas or samples?

Jun 16, 2008
You might check out A Softball Coaches Tool Kit. This is a coach's kit that has most of this type of work already done. It's pretty inclusive, includes a CD, and is a decent reference for $22.95. There won't be any mind-blowing strategies, but he's done most of the administrative leg work related to running a team for those who might feel that a bat is best used on a computer keyboard.
Send me a private message with your email if you want more info or need something yesterday. I don't want to give away his stuff he's trying to sell, but I can send you the general questions and ideas.

Ken Krause

May 7, 2008
Mundelein, IL
Setting goals

Here's a sheet I've used before to help players set goals. The key thing is that setting goals isn't enough. You also have to map a path of how you're going to get there. Otherwise, they're just wishes. For example, anyone can put on paper that they want to throw 60 mph or hit .400. But without a commitment to practice hitting three times a week or train with weights, the goals don't hold much water.

Here's a format you can use. Anyone that would like it as a Word doc can send me a private message. Despite being text-only, it's too big to attach. Hmmm, I will have to talk to the Moderator about that. :)

Softball Goals

Football great Tony Dorsett once said “A goal is only a wish until you write it down.” This sheet is designed to allow you to write down your goals, and the things you will need to do to achieve them. Following are the keys to using this sheet effectively:

  • Goals must be realistic. If you are throwing 45 mph now, it is unrealistic to believe you can throw 60 mph in three months. Set goals that you will have to stretch to achieve, but that are achievable.
  • Goals must be within your control. Goals such as you want to win State or make varsity are beyond your control. Too many outside factors can get in the way. Stay with what you can control, such as learn to throw a changeup.
  • Goals must be measurable. Without a way of measuring, it’s hard to know if you’re successful. Saying “I want to learn throw a changeup” is good. Saying “I want to learn to throw changeups for strikes at least half the time” is much more powerful.
  • Goals must be tied to steps to achieve them. If you can’t lay out a few simple steps to help you reach it, the goal is probably not a good one.

Goal #1: ________________________________________________________

Steps to achieve: 1. ________________________________________

2. ________________________________________

3. ________________________________________

Goal #2: ________________________________________________________

Steps to achieve: 1. ________________________________________

2. ________________________________________

3. ________________________________________

Goal #3: ________________________________________________________

Steps to achieve: 1. ________________________________________

2. ________________________________________

3. ________________________________________
May 26, 2008
Vancouver, WA
I noticed the dates on this was a long time ago but who knows, it may be of some use to someone. On my site under "coachingtips/Ideas & Guides" you can find other stuff as well here to give you ideas for your own handout.

To find out more about the girls, down through the years I used a Me Sheet I got from the U or Oregon Vollyball coach. It lets you know a little about themselves even though you may get a different answer than what they really think.

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