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Closed web for pitcher?

Apr 30, 2018
I was just re-trolling the bradley sight and saw this little gem, might do the trick even if its a baseball glove

My DD has the Next Play which is listed as a baseball glove. When I asked Bradley about it he said the patterns weren't any different at that level. The return policy is fantastic so give it a shot.

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Dec 15, 2012
I’m not so worried about tipping pitches as I would be about simply keeping the ball itself out of sight as long as you can. Lots of pitchers step on the rubber the ball in their exposed hand and then spin the ball in plain view. This allows the batter to begin concentrating on the ball.

The most important thing at 10U is getting gear that fits. Can’t tell you how many parents have bought bats and gloves that are too large (or small). This should be your biggest concern at this age.

Chris Delorit

Apr 24, 2016
Green Bay, WI
I have asked my DD specifically about this and she said that few if any hitters can act on the information provided by an open web glove. That was in the SEC so I would not worry about it at any level of TB. Get the one she likes because if she believes in it she is in a good place.
Nice post. Within context, it offers perspective on coaching in the SEC. ;)

Jun 19, 2016
1). In general pitchers use closed web gloves in order to not tip / hide pitches. At an early age my daughters pitching coach worked with DD to hide the ball from the hitter as long as possible. She steps on the rubber with the ball in the glove and her pitching hand empty. The first time the batter sees the ball is as late as possible. This may seem trivial but IMO is extremely important for high level pitching. You never want to grip the ball in the open as hitters are now focusing on the ball. This is also the reason closed web gloves are preferred to open web gloves.
2). I also prefer “dark” colored gloves (black) to not draw attention to her hands.
3). Pitchers (given a choice) should always wear black cleats. The last thing you want to do is draw attention to your feet with the umpires.

Little things / details make a difference. I am NOT sure how much difference this makes for a 10U player as at this age you are learning fundamentals. This is merely some food for thought.
My fashionista DD would be horrified by black shoes...but this makes so much sense.
Jun 19, 2016
My 10U DD pitcher likes the modified trap web. You really can't see the grip and it makes it easy to break in.
Jul 29, 2013
I checked Vinci’s site and eBay to see if there was an 11.75” Fortus series listed, nope! If it were my 10U player I’d probably lean towards one of these.



I almost never recommend a glove with velcro but both of these seem like a great glove / pattern for a 10U fastpitch player! I do recommend the H-web and conventional open back over the fastback and single post web. I just think both of those options are more versatile, just my opinion.........or I just like those two options more personally :cool:
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Sep 20, 2017
probably went the complete wrong direction on this one.. lol I went with 11.75 split solid web bandito. No Velcro, not very attractive either.. lol but I think it might work and if not Bradley will take it back and get us something else. This wasn't the glove he recommended, but he did think it would be fine and she is dead set on the closed web. She liked the modified trap better but none in stock. Truth be told nothing is more beautiful than function to me so time will tell. I am worried about the wrist strap, she has never not had a Velcro stap I keep imagining the glove going flying off in her wind up... lol In about a month or so he is gonna be realeasing all kinds of cool colors and patterns, but I couldn't wait any long, spring has sprung and she needs a glove yesterday.. Ill keep you guys posted

Sep 20, 2017
And by the way thank you guys for all of your opinions and insight, I do appreciate the time you guys take out of your day to help a newb..

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