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Closed web for pitcher?

Sep 20, 2017
So the quest to find a glove for my 10U is still ongoing. She goes through a jenny finch every 6 to 8 months, plays year round. Bought her a vichi 12" that she absolutely wants to love but honestly its still just to much glove for her even after 6 months of break in, its just to heavy and fingerstalls are to big, she can play catch with it but wont use it in a game. So we are back in the market and I really want to try the Bradley Fastback 11.75 but its a single web glove and it is not appealing to her. lol So I ask the experts what do u think about a open web style glove for a pitcher? he has a great no questions asked return policy but I dont want to sell her on it if its the wrong thing to do? When shes not pitching she will play some outfield with her select team, but during rec season they tend to put her on the corners...
Dec 15, 2012
1). In general pitchers use closed web gloves in order to not tip / hide pitches. At an early age my daughters pitching coach worked with DD to hide the ball from the hitter as long as possible. She steps on the rubber with the ball in the glove and her pitching hand empty. The first time the batter sees the ball is as late as possible. This may seem trivial but IMO is extremely important for high level pitching. You never want to grip the ball in the open as hitters are now focusing on the ball. This is also the reason closed web gloves are preferred to open web gloves.
2). I also prefer “dark” colored gloves (black) to not draw attention to her hands.
3). Pitchers (given a choice) should always wear black cleats. The last thing you want to do is draw attention to your feet with the umpires.

Little things / details make a difference. I am NOT sure how much difference this makes for a 10U player as at this age you are learning fundamentals. This is merely some food for thought.
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Jul 29, 2013
At the 10U level, a open or closed web shouldn’t be the issue / question! Find her a glove that fits properly, that she can use immediately and enjoys using. If that means using 4 more Finch gloves over the next two years..........they’re cheap enough, gotta do what best works for her.

As far as what web for pitching, my DD still uses an H-web at 18U, I’m definitely not saying there’s hitters out there who can’t pick up on different grips, but they’re not in 10U. And in older age groups it’s almost always the 3B coach who picks up on grips. And quite honestly in 10U, “most” coaches are new dad coaches who just started a team so their DD could play, and they themselves can’t tell the difference in pitch grips:cool:. Before any of you daddies get mad, I said most!
Sep 20, 2017
Well she only really has 2 grips anyway. 1 that works and 1 that doesn't... lol but dont tell her I said it! And dang it if I didnt just buy her some white Ringors, man I am failing at this softball dad thing.... but seriously she is playing alot and the competition she is going up against is getting better all the time, I have literally seen her glove fold back on hard thrown balls, cant imagine if she try's to grab a line drive. I really want to get her into something better but this is no easy task apparently.

Annasdad its a mesh back 22 series..
Sep 20, 2017
What about this one from Bradley?


You can also call Bradley and see if they can make one with a basket web for you. My DD (10u) loves her Bradley Next Play 11.75". Finger stall width is just right.

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I have been going back and forth with Jeff all day. Hes super awesome and recommended that same glove, but I think its to big for her. She likes the Finch 11.5" and actually plays it well, I was thinking an 11.75 or a 12 what ever it is something on the lighter side would be nice.

I was thinking the nextplay fastback 11.75 on Jeffs recommendation, but when she looked at it the first thing she said was "Dad! its open web, they will see the ball!"
Feb 17, 2014
Orlando, FL
I have asked my DD specifically about this and she said that few if any hitters can act on the information provided by an open web glove. That was in the SEC so I would not worry about it at any level of TB. Get the one she likes because if she believes in it she is in a good place.
Jul 29, 2013
I was just re-trolling the bradley sight and saw this little gem, might do the trick even if its a baseball glove

Nice looking glove, whether you decide on a Bradley or not, I definitely recommend a 11.75” glove. And I can certainly see where a 12” Vinci steerhide / mesh 22-Series is too much glove for a 10U player. Since you’ve already used the Vinci, I assume it’s not returnable, keep it and continue getting it ready for when she’s a little older and needs the next size up glove. In the meantime get yourself a 5 lb. dumbbell and beat the snot out of it!

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