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Cheapie Aluminum Bat

Jul 14, 2018
DD is ready to move up a bat size or two. She's currently using a 30/20 lxt and has been way out in front of everything and hitting off the end of the bat. Her hitting instructor thinks she's ready for a 32/22, but I'd like her to take a swing or two with that size before dropping the big bucks on a new Ghost.

My idea is to get an aluminum bat to test out the size and weight first, then she can keep it in her bag for hitting dimple balls. The cheapest aluminum bat I can find at that size is the Easton Topaz, around $48. Anyone have another suggestion? The last time I bought one for this purpose I only needed a 30" and could grab one at Wallmart for $29. I wish there were a sporting goods place near here where she could swing a few bats, but there's not.
Jul 29, 2013
North Carolina
I'd go this route.....


Do you have a Play it Again Sports near you? The one near me almost always has a couple of Anderson bats, and every now and then a nice Nanotek! If she's using a 30/20 now, the way Anderson's are weighted, I'd try to find a 31/21 Nanotek over a 32/22 for now. We had a 31/21 Nanotek several years back, definitely not your normal aluminum bat, and definitely NOT a Walmart bat!

But for the money, this 32/22 might be worth picking up?


Allergic to BS
Nov 14, 2014
If you want to try a Rocketech for very little, here's a 32/23...


I bought the 33 inch one just to mess around with, and there's NOTHING wrong with it. At $60 for new and in the wrapper, it's a bargain.

Alternatively, Easton makes several decent aluminum bats for under $50, and this time of year, they'll be discounted. Check out some of the online stores. DD uses one of the same size and weight as her composite when hitting off a machine. It greatly saves wear and tear. She even used it during a very cold tournament early this year. It's not hitting anything over the fence, but she did get some base hits with it.
Jul 14, 2018
Thanks for the replies. I did find a nice bat on ebay, used. That's not the first place I look for stuff, so thank you for reminding me.

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