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Charting Batters- Who esle is Charting Batters?

Mar 2, 2009
Suffolk, VA
EVERY Team I've coached with and all the girls tell me they've never had a coach chart the opposing batters At-Bats. I chart each At-Bat, stance, pitch-by-Pitch and location, results and notes for each at-bat. I use this for later in the game for tendancies (Who NEVER swings at 1st pitch, who almsot ALWAYS swings at 1st pitch, who gets beat w/ Change-ups, Pitches per that At-Bat, their stance, and result of course etc.) * I actually ask a player not in the game to do this and prefer a catcher/pitcher, though the girls don't stay focused.

I assume MOST coaches wold prefer to have notes for batters they will face again during this season and next season.

?? I KNOW coaches are charting batters, or preferably your catcher/pitchers are, but I haven't found any players myself that have coaches that do.

Every once in a while we run into another team we face where they have a coach charting same as I do, but I'm amazed its so infrequent.
Mar 2, 2009
Suffolk, VA
Absolutely...... send me an e-mail at jimginas@aol.com so I can send it to you.... I actually maintain 2 types, one as described, and one that summarizes for batter/pitches that at-bat and resukt. This one helps me talley quickly the pitch count by inning for my pitchers and I can quickly reference to see results and transfer to edge for next game agaisnt that team.

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