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Charging the ball

Mar 13, 2019
My 4 year old had her first tball game tonight. I had to work so I could not make it. My wife was telling me the other teams coach was very over the top and ridiculous. My wife is not great with details but she said the other team had a runner at third and their batter hit the ball into play and our pitcher fielded the ball and tagged out the runner that was headed home. She said the coach appealed the play saying that the fielder did not charge the ball and wait d for hit to csend me to her. The umpire in turn reversed the called out. I have never heard of such a rule and can not find anything in official rules about it. I am not one that believes in participation trophies or not keeping score but this seems a little extreme for 4 year olds. Can anyone clarify this rule for me or show me where it’s located?
Jun 12, 2015
Where I live in 6U they don't even keep score. I can't even imagine appealing a play in a 4U game. lol. I've never heard of that rule myself.
Jul 14, 2018
Umpires in tee ball? When my kids played it was three batters and the fourth one was the "home run." If you have a four-year-old who can make a play on a batted ball and actually make an out, that's like a season highlight for tee ball. As for the coach who appealed to have a play overturned, your league needs to get that guy out of there in a hurry. Totally inappropriate.
Sep 17, 2009
I've found it sometimes take a while for kids to get used to new rules/speed of play when they jump to a new level. What was the rule at 2U? :D
Dec 15, 2018
There are all kinds of wacky rules in tball because 4 year olds playing organized sports is a wacky idea.

The most likely scenario (based on the limited description) is that because the pitcher fielded the ball at some distance away from the plate, the "logical" play is to throw to the catcher. Had she fielded the ball close to the plate (usually some predefined circle or hash mark), then it would be "logical" for her to make a tag play. The idea is to get them to make actual softball plays that they'll have to make as they move up. So, things like rolling the ball to the first baseman for the out would not be allowed, or the shortstop fielding a ground ball and running over to the first base line to tag the battter-runner. I have no rule book to point to, because most orgs that have 4u tball make em up.

Again, it's all wacky, and as others stated, arguing or appealing or doing anything other than laughing is ridiculous.
Jan 27, 2019
I began officiating football in addition to softball two years ago. I remember distinctly seeing one of the young players in a pee-wee game with his shoulder pads off. He was wearing a "Paw-Patrol" shirt. I saw that and wondered what in the world we are doing to these kids. I believe in the benefits of athletics to our young folks. They learn social skills, sportsmanship, and how to learn lessons from winning and losing. But I am afraid we may be rushing them a bit when we have them playing so early. Humans this young cannot develop the skills nor do they have the ability to think in the abstract enough to make connection between charging a ball and making a "logical" play.
Dec 2, 2013
Only 1 rule..you poop your pants while hitting and you have to sit out an inning..
I was coaching a 10U rec game and had a player pee her shorts while she was batting. One minute she in the box and the next minute she disappeared. I had no idea what happened to her until her dad emailed me after the game. She is a graduating Senior this year and is killing it for her team. I need to remind her of this next time my DD plays her team!!!

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