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Changeup Help

Nov 18, 2015
You didn't - I was adding it to my original message at the same time you posted your reply.

I meant coincidence as I didn't know you were going to reference hand size - I think my follow-up has more sarcasm than I intended!
Sep 15, 2015
Her issues is that on release she has her hand behind the ball and as a result she's not getting as much as a drop in speed or spin as she should. . .On video she lets go of the ball then gets her knuckles to third, if she holds on any longer the pitch comes out too high.
When my DD was learning the horseshoe, she had the same issue. This may be obvious, but it helped her just to focus on turning the ball palm down earlier (between 12 and 9 o’clock). If she is late getting palm down and still leading with the pinky at 9 o’clock, that may be why she is behind the ball at release and only getting the knuckles to third when the ball is gone.

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Oct 4, 2018
We tell the girls (based on the Tincher pitching instructor we use) to act like you're shaking hands with the catcher on the release. Position the hand like a handshake, keep the hand low.
Dec 5, 2012
Mid West
Do not Tuck fingers... It's very easy to pick this from the batters perspective. Continue to practice the horse shoe grip with stiff fingers, and the ball deeper into her palm. The key in getting more fingers on the side is to have an awarenesses of the thumb orientation. At 9:00 if the tip of the thumb is pointed straight up to the sky, she will whip the release and it'll be too fast. If she can orient the tip of the thumb down to the dirt, this will easily put the ball ahead of the elbow. This will eliminate all whip. And will reduce the speed by approx 1/4. Another verbal ques I like to use is splashing a cup of water onto your catcher. Make sure the splash is going outward and not up.

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