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Changes to pitching rules regarding back foot

Nov 25, 2012
Okay, please help me make sure I understand the difference in these rules and NFHS rules.

Am I correct in saying with the rules posted here "USA RULES" in Rule 6A section 1E. the pitcher can take a step back before, during (simultaneous with) or after the hands are brought together?


NFHS Rules in ART 2 Point B states that any step backward shall begin BEFORE the hands are brought together.

Difference being in NFHS.....Once hands are brought together you cannot take a step back and if you do it is illegal? But other orgs you can bring them together and still take a step back after?

**LINK TO PREVIOUS NFHS DISCUSSION https://www.discussfastpitch.com/threads/ncaa-pitching-rule-changes.37664/

Just want to confirm I am reading this correctly and understand it? Not sure why they wouldn't be the same and perhaps they are and I just haven't had enough coffee yet?
May 29, 2015
NFHS used to say it had to be before the hands are brought together. Now NFHS says the step must be before the pitch starts, that is to say before the hands come apart.

I think USA’s wording is bad. I think they were aiming for “before the hands come apart” but they got fancy and goofed by only stating “after” points. My reading of USA’s language states the step can come at any time, even after the hands come apart.
Nov 18, 2013
USSSA used to allow the back foot off the rubber, along with NFHS. Even though legal it was pretty rare to see pitchers actually use it. I’d expect to see it more often now with all the major sanctions adopting some form of it. I don’t think there will be much of an impact on speeds or the game itself. If there was a significant advantage I think we would have seen it more often when it was legal before.