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Celebrating the small things, first PGF win

Jul 1, 2019
As I read through all the other threads in this section, I know there are so many who've posted much bigger accomplishments and I hope that in time I'll be able to share many of those too. But for now, I'm celebrating the small ones. With two years of rec, two years of travel under her belt, 12U DD accepted a position on an A/PGF level team this year. Four years ago she first picked up a ball, now she's been pitching three (with actual training for two). Last weekend DD's team racked up their first two PGF wins, DD was starting pitcher for both games and got the W's. She pitched 4 1/3 innings of a 5 inning first game winning 8-4, and started for 2 of a 4 inning second game winning 4-1. 3 walks and 5 K's for the weekend. No doubt the girls behind her were a big part of the overall success, and I'm super proud of all of them.

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