Catcher positioning question for the group, especially umpire point of view..

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Mar 10, 2016
Just behind home plate
Someone on here mentioned their daughter has their hand at or near their chest when receiving the ball. When I started catching, I used the same approach. But, my game evolved to where I put my throwing hand behind my calf. I feel like it's a better spot to have my hand as far as being protected.

AFA, the umpire being able to see where the ball was received, I really don't have many problems in that department seeing as I'm short at 5'2. Plus when I am crouched down in my receiving stance, the ump really doesn't have many problems seeing the ball. Unless said ump has to be down near my level...then it's a crapshoot.
Oct 16, 2019
I have always taught my daughters to put their throwing hand by their thigh, hidden from foul middle DD goes a step farther by gripping her calf muscle...she threw out many runners Sunday, so it is working for her and not slowing her down too much.
Jan 22, 2011
DD has the hand behind the ankle with no one on. From comments I've heard from other parents, NECC is good, safe, fundamentals for 8u-12u, but as players gets into 14u and above, their maturity and body control make it less necessary to keep the hand behind the glove/shadow of the glove with runners on, plus they do other optimizations for better results. My DD has lost all blocking muscle memory, so relies on her reflexes to scoop. My DD hasn't caught regularly since 2nd year 10u, and rarely since 2nd year 12u.

Incoming freshman catcher for her HS plays on the younger 14u team in my DD's organization. Watched her practice for ~10 minutes yesterday. Pretty good. My DD is happy she'll be the C2 her senior year, and the C3 or C4 on her club team.

Just this makes me nervous when runners are going: