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Camp Advice Needed-Nike Camp Stockton

Jun 7, 2009
Hi! My name is Ashley and I am happy to have stumbled upon your amazing softball community while researching the Nike Softball Camp in Stockton, CA. My 9 year old daughter will be attending June 22nd-26th and I am wondering if any of you guys can give me some tips? We have gotten everything that they suggest she bring to camp but I am wondering what kinds of activities they do in the evenings, and if she is allowed to bring a cell phone to keep in touch with me while she is there. She is super excited about going but I am a nervous wreck! This is our first sleep away experience:) Thanks to any replies!!!



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May 26, 2008
Dallas, Texas
I had 2 DDs who played sports all the way through college. They went to sports camps all over the USA. The first one my oldest DD attended, we packed her entire bedroom, including teddie bears and a frilly pillow. Ten years later, at the last one my youngest DD attended, we dropped her off at the curb with a beat up sleeping bag and a bag of Cheetos.

Some advice: Chill a couple of bottles of wine, get some cheese and crackers, and enjoy the time off.

She should take a cell phone--she won't call you with it, but everyone else there will have one and she would feel "different" is she didn't have one, too.

The activities at camp are basically: Get up. Complain about getting up so early. Eat breakfast, complain about food. Play softball. Go eat lunch, complain about food. Play softball. Eat supper, go to room and stay up all night talking to your roomies. Repeat. (Hmmm... is this perhaps training for "How to host a bunko party"?)

She isn't going to get bored.

Jun 7, 2009
Hi Ray,

Thanks so much for your response! I loved the succession of your daughters' successive camp experiences. So yes to the cell phone and no to the entire bedroom:) She is so excited to go.....it's me with all of the anxiety. Thanks again!

May 9, 2008
Hartford, CT
Nike Camp


My DD went to Nike camp last summer. It was at a University in CT.
We gave her a case of water, a fan, alarm clock, some room snacks and $20.
She didn't call much.
Yes, the food was bad, dorms were hot ... but she loved it.

Only negative was that she was placed in the 14/15 year old group...she had just turned 12 ....
She could pitch ...

Other than that it was extremely positive and now she is thinking about a Planet Fastpitch camp in Mass.

She will probably have a great time ... come home tired, hungry and not too clean ! LOL

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