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Bunt coverage

Jun 22, 2019
We have F3&F5 crash, F4 covers 1st.
F6 covers 2nd if there is a runner on 1st base (or 1st & 2nd or loaded) & F1 covers 3rd.
F6 covers 3rd if there is a runner on 2nd base only 2nd base is covered by F7.

Catcher called defense before the pitch so everyone is on the same page. 16/18U.
Aug 29, 2011
I don't like using F7 or F8 for primary coverage because it invites catastrophes if someone makes a mistake. At 14U+, overthrown balls roll a long way. F6 at 2B, and F2 or F5 at 3B (depending on who fields the ball) maintains your backup.
Yeah the potential for disaster is there. It was typically the OF was responsible for a base where there was not runner going to as the primary out target. For example if the SS was covering 2B because there was only a runner on 1st F7 was responsible for covering 3B so runner on 1st couldn't go 1st to 3rd to an un-covered base.
Jul 16, 2008
We run 1, corners crash F4 covers 1B, F6 covers 2B, and depending upon who fields the ball, either F1 or F5 covers 3B. Haven't had a runner go from 1st to 3rd in a couple of years.
May 3, 2016
Last year I was using F7/8 depending on where f6 went. But I always like hearing what other people’s strategies are

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Apr 20, 2019
F5 & F1 crash. F3 moves toward bunt without fully selling out. F4 heads towards 1st. F6 heads towards 3rd and F8 comes into 2nd
Mar 7, 2016
F5/F3 crash, F1 covers all up middle. F4 covers 1, F6 covers 3, F8 covers 2. F7/F9 backup based on ball direction.

I coach a very active small ball team with wheels. I love it when i see F3 or F5 stay home. We work on directional bunting A LOT for this very reason. I love it when i hear opposing coaches or fans yell out "they cant hit the ball all they can do is bunt"... That is when i fake bunt swing away lol

when a team doesnt have bunt coverage it is just good coaching to take advantage of it. very first batter always takes strike one on a bunt/pullback play so i can watch how their defense moves. I know right then when to call my small ball game for base running and situations. Heck i dont even watch the pitch i watch the infield.
Dec 11, 2010
An important part of bunt coverage is what happens with players who are not fielding the ball. For example, if F5 charges and fields the ball, who covers 3B? Even in 14U TB, I see 3B left unprotected a lot. Our lead-off batter has taken advantage of that more times than I can count. In that situation, I like F2 to get there because she's already moving that way towards the ball.
When F2 covers 3 it is amazing how many coaches see 3 undefended and try to bring the runner. It’s like F2 clicking and clanking toward 3 is invisible. We got a lot of outs at 3 this way.

Who do you prefer secures home when F2 covers 3? I honestly can’t remember.
Mar 7, 2016
@SESwildfire, what age?

Sounds like a fun team to coach!
we were a second year 12UB team, now first year 14s. Almost every player is going on there 5th season. Some weekends are much better than others, some though we couldnt drop a fair bunt if we were using a sheet of plywood to block the pitch.

On the F2 covering 3 topic i am not in agreement there though. Ill explain why. Catcher is focused on the getting to the bunt and not the runner at 3. Usually the girl at 2 has a decent lead and most of the time at least a delayed steal call. The only player that has the possibility to beat and make this play is F6. Maybe F7 depending how you want to play. Any bunt that doesnt send the catcher left puts her even more out of position. I always pull my F7 in on 2 to cover. Have yet to get a fake bunt CF bomb that has burned us. Just my opinion but we practice a lot of small ball on both sides of the ball to get better and I try to focus on things that can beat our Defense than make changes according.

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