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Book - mental toughness or other softball related favorites?

Aug 2, 2019
mentally tough teens by Justin Su'a He has the 144 character generation down. Each page is a short "chapter" on mental toughness. has a great podcast 5x a week "increase your impact" it's about 2-4 minutes long. I gave this book to every player on my 12 and 14 u teams. They all loved it. My DD looks at it regularly.

and for parents Parent Pep Talks-Justin Su'a
Got this for DD (11yo) and have her read two excerpts before bed every day. She tells me she thinks it's dumb (just like everything else I ask her to do), but I've seen a little improvement with her school work, and she's been more motivated to work out. Could be unrelated, but the timing is interesting. Hoping for the best after the new year when practice starts back up. Bought a book for me also, Parent Pep Talks, also by Justin Su'a, in hopes that I can better coach and motivate, as my current approach has been proven to be counter productive.

Parent Pep talks was only $7.00, but had to shell out $47.00 for a used paperback of Mentally Tough Teens. The kindle version is cheaper, but it wouldn't get read if we got it in an ebook. The book is on DDs nightstand so it doesn't get forgotten. I thought the book was too expensive, and finally just put it into perspective of "it's less than a weekly hitting lesson", and what good are those if the mental approach isn't any good.

Chris8, just realized that it was your post in knightsb's thread that put me on to Justin Su'a. Just wanted to say thanks.
Jun 8, 2016
Have her read some biographies of great athletes...might hit home a little more. My athletic hero growing up was Larry Bird.
Jun 6, 2016
Everything Your Coach Never Told You Because You're a Girl by Dan Blank

It's written by a women's soccer coach and all the specific examples are of his soccer players, but 95% of it applies to any female athlete, so it's worth a read.
Oct 1, 2014
Heads Up Baseball by Ken Ravizza and Tom Hanson is one that both DD's have gone back to, highlighted and re-read a couple times. Also, the Justin Sua stuff is fantastic to fit into a busy schedule.
Jul 31, 2013
Not a spectacular read for youngsters, but (and I hate basketball) Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success has some great information for any athlete.
Jun 23, 2018
If you're looking for just a good softball book, DD (11yo) read the Jenny Finch autobiography last year for a school project and loved it. She still talks about some of the lessons she got from it.

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Feb 8, 2019
DD enjoyed both of these:
Mind Gym
Toilets,, bricks, fishhooks and PRIDE-Brian Cain (recommended to me by more than one college coach)

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