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Blast Motion Sensor

Jul 14, 2017
Has anyone used this contraption. Curious to hear feedback.

We got some readings back on WarriorAngela and I'm not really sold on it.
Bought one for my dd as a Christmas gift. I like looking at the data and seeing where she falls within her level of play. However, in all honesty, I don’t know how to take the information to help improve her swing. When people talk about hitting mechanics, it is like a foreign language to me. I spent the extra $ to access Blast Connect but don’t think its worth the money. I thought I’d get drills that are tailored for her. When she showed up for HS practice, a few of the girls questioned her about it and had never heard of it. DD hasn’t used it since.

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May 14, 2015
Bismarck ND
DD got one through her Org, We use it to see the numbers, but I too dont know enough to do anything about it. I just pitch and go to the other side of the fence to pick them up and say good job lol. Swing speed and exit velo are great. Ball goes really far. Plane, connection, rotation, all over my head
Nov 9, 2019
Have not used the Blast but have seen it in use. We use the Garmin impact and from what i have seen it is close in comparisan . DGD likes the the information she receives and uses it to correct her swing. We feel it has helped her feel the correct swing.
Feb 14, 2019
Our team purchased a group package a little over a month ago and I am enjoying it so far. With the coach account, I have access to each player's data/videos so I can somewhat "see" what they're doing and offer some insight as to what I'm seeing. Since we've been forced to stay apart this spring, it's been a great accountability/motivation tool. We give shout outs to our players who are putting in the work and showing improvement. There is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to analyzing data and what to do with that data but the Blast team has been very helpful in that regard and I learn new things every week.

We're a 9u team so we don't get too bogged down in the number metrics (and there is A LOT of data available) at this point. We take a fairly high level look at it and focus on whatever area needs the most attention. The two things I like best for us at this age/skill level are 1) I can see who's working at home, and 2) it really helps their swings to be more consistent. The real trick comes in making the adjustments to have consistent quality swings based on the available data. On a personal level, I know it's helping me do a better job of instructing my daughter and she's seeing improvements in just the short time we've been using it.

I do wish the Android app was more robust; the computer and iOS app work much better. I will say that it's not the be all, end all solution to hitting...It's just another tool to help a player be the best they can be. There are so many little variables to hitting that great hitters may not always have the best Blast numbers and just because you have great Blast numbers doesn't necessarily mean you will be a great hitter. For us, it's really great so far and I look forward to seeing what we can do with it going forward.

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