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Birmingham Vipers Kyser Tryouts 16U

Apr 16, 2010
The Birmingham Vipers Kyser will be holding tryouts on August 5th at Leeds Middle School in Leeds, Al at 2PM.

We will be looking to build on what has been a very good summer for our team. We were one of 16 teams that advanced from the Super Pools to bracket play at Scenic City and finished 25th out of 65 Power Pool teams in Colorado. This past week the team finished 9th at Triple Crown/USA Nationals and will wrap up the summer at TC East Coast Nationals next week. Over the next year we will continue to compete in the top showcases and national events.

If you would like more information on our team, need a private workout, or plan to attend tryouts please let us know by emailing Bhmviperskyser@gmail.com or contacting Rick Nash at 205-335-9957.