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Better to Find Out now!

Jan 27, 2010
What does asking only one kid to play have to do with anything?
Because you mentioned the coach told All the parents. Having a talk to a group could be considered different from when you only ended up asking 1 kid to play. Unless the group of parents where this years team but then the talk only pertained to the guest. I probably just didn't get the idea you were trying to convey.
Oct 3, 2011
Right Here For Now
Sorry this happened. I make it known from the very beginning of the season and I repeat it at least a dozen times if not more throughout the season, that all subs will be treated as one of the team. They get equitable playing time during pool play and the best 9 start on Sunday including a sub because the object of bracket play is to win...period. I then tell them how the best 9 are determined which is OBP, BA, SLG, RBI's, and then the best fielder if all things are relatively equal. Again, if all things are equal, I give the nod to my regulars. I also tell the sub parents that I will play them where I need them. If they're not good with that, I'll find another sub. As long as you are up front with the expectations of all involved from the beginning, I've had VERY few problems. If you don't treat subs the same way and make the expectations known up front and very bluntly I might add, you'll have few subs return to play for your team when needed. Again, I have no problems with calling them when needed and they're more than willing to fill in because they knew what to expect.

In your particular case, it sounds as if your sub/new team member had expectations outside of what was explained to them. That's why I said you need to put it very bluntly and direct. Too many nice words have the effect of dulling the message. Some people don't like how direct I am while others love it.
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Dec 18, 2016
Probably my poor explanation....we were only adding three girls. Two of them were unable to pick up for this tournament and this one could, so there's never a conversation with our current team about playing time and positions. It's been pretty well understood for the season. HC told the new pick up about the playing time. I just think the parents had expectations that weren't met and they decided to bail. Not a huge loss, although I liked the girl and I think she could have won the first base position had she given it a go. It's a shame the parents chose the route they did....but that's not my call. As a parent we all have to make the decision we think is right. Better to figure out now....
Jun 29, 2013
Just guessing, of course, but it sounds like they had buyer's regret over passing on another opportunity, or something else that they wanted more opened up for them after they accepted your offer. I'm thinking they were looking for any reason at all to move on. Their loss, not yours, they wouldn't have been happy and we all know how that plays out.

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