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Best Fastpitch Organizations in New York State??

Oct 29, 2016
I was wondering what fastpitch organizations would be considered the best, especially for helping with getting a player college recruitment exposure, in ALL of New York State. I imagine many or most of the best are in the NYC Metro area......but I’d still like to here about ones in other parts of the state, if they merit mention. Thanks!


May 16, 2012
New England
My daughters play in new england, the absolute best teams they've played in showcases was Team LI. My oldest daughter coached an 18s showcase team, they were mercied by their 8th grade team. I was proud of her the year before, she lost to their 18s team 6-4 letting up just 1 extra base hit the whole game. I took video to show my 14s team, on how to "move defensively" every pitch. The 3 other games I saw them play that weekend they hit 3-5 HRs/game. IMHO Best program in Northeast.
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Apr 15, 2018
The two organizations/teams that immediately come to mind would be Team LI - Angel Mangual, and TC Tremors - Lou Bishop
Nov 5, 2014
Empire State Huskies- best combination of player development and exposure opportunities. Offseason practice and training run by paid professionals in their own dedicated indoor facility is a gamechanger for a player in the northeast. Select teams that travel to all of the major Tournaments/Showcases (i.e. Atlanta Legacy, Scenic City, Veterans Tribute, etc...) My DD has been in the organization for 5 years and I cant say enough about our family's experience.
Jan 7, 2019
TC Tremors, Miss Shen, Electric City up north are good but I don't see them at the showcases we are at.

TLI, Empire State Huskies always are.
I would contact them or central/northern NJ teams that go to showcases like TNJ, Pennsbury, Legacy, IDT, Veteran's Tribute, and NEF. There are a few.
Apr 4, 2019
Can't go wrong with Lou bishop and tremors organization out of Binghamton. I also think he has a team from new York city but like others have said team LI have flat out dominated anything my daughters have entered tournament wise last 4 or 5 years. From u trip world series to memorial day mayhem you name it they've won it. Huskies are top notch organization also (my daughters team has taken care of business with them throughout) with there age class but tremors mostly showcase in Midwest so most on East coast don't play them once you get above 16's. Surprised no one has mentioned east coast impact but bottom line if your strictly talking about getting your daughter recruited any team that goes to showcases will work. If she warrants attention she will get it.

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