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Best core muscles

May 8, 2008
What are the best core muscles to work with when starting a program at home? I have free weights, a cardioglide and bike that I was going to have my 15yr old start out with to help her get in shape for the spring. I am going to try to incorporate aerobic with resistance training to help make things a little more interesting for her. She is a catcher and a pitcher.
Jan 6, 2009
Chehalis, Wa

I purchased some of your training stuff and the program in the link above was included.

I just wanted to ask if suggest doing all of the exercises for stability from day one?

That would be,

1) TA isolation
2) Heel drops
3) Table top/bridge
4) Mountain climbers
5) Swiss ball sit ups
6) Cable reverse chopper

Another question is do what to alternate between legs on the heel drops? Or do one leg at a time for 1 rep. And while doing the heel drops do you want to maintain the TA contraction for an entire set? Such as not resting when the leg/hip come back up and reach 90 degrees?

And I also was wondering about the mountain climbers, are we working on a constant engagement for one set?

My thoughts are that you are looking for the TA to be contracted for the entire set.

I was just wondering if you want to do all 6 exercises from day one?

There are so many exercises for the core. So, what I'm looking for is some simple and affective exercises to start with. And wanted to know if you should do all 6 exercises from day one?


Softball fan
Feb 28, 2008
Montreal, Canada
I would do all exercises in phase 1 on day 1 - yes. A bit challenging it will be fine. Do them in a circuit or 2 sets of each.

Yes, you do alternate between legs on heel drops. Yes, you try to maintain TA contraction as much as you can - purpose of exercise :)

You keep alternating legs on mountain climbers - you core will be engaged almost the entire time.

These exercises will definitely make a big difference. True there are a lot of them. These ones will do the job for our sport :)


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