Beginner.... Need advice for producing softball highlight videos

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Jan 22, 2011
I’m all too familiar with the drudgery of editing full games to pull a couple of highlight clips.

I’ve been very impressed with how GameChanger is creating auto clips from the feed when you’re streaming. It seems to be pulling every at bat for players at this point, but it’s much easier to delete a few useless clips than to go in and find the gems from a 90-minute video file.

eta: When you download the clip, it automatically adds a card at the beginning and end with the player’s name, number, result of the play, and the opponent.

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A late May update to GC now pulls clips out for defensive plays and pitching to each batter. It looks like it uses timestamps from the GC scorekeeping to know when to start and end the videos clips. I haven't dug into it too far, but it looks like it still requires some work to get it off GC. It sure beats having to spend 2-3 (or more) hours to find and pull good clips from a 7 inning HS game to put in a highlight video.

I'm tempted to get a 3 camera set up to analyze hitting and pitching for next spring.

Hopefully when I'm in Palmdale mid-July I can meet up with @Eric F , buy him some tacos, and pick his brain about his Mevo setup.
Jun 5, 2019
I use a gopro 8 behind the plate and filmora for editing videos. I do full games and if the team does well in the tournament Ill put together highlights video. Here was my latest. Marvel rippoff if you cant tell :)

May 10, 2019
Hi All,

I became the "ESPN" video crew for my DD's 10u travel team last season and started recording games and editing them to provide highlights for parents/family members that couldn't make the tournaments. What started as a minimal effort task has evolved into a big interest of mine. I want to start making higher quality videos with better graphics/overlays and multiple camera angles embedded on a single view. I'm a novice when it comes to video editing/production and everything I learned is basically from YouTube or trial and error.

Here is an example of one of my videos from a past tournament:

This is my current set up:

Recording Setup
-Go Pro Hero 8 w adapter battery cover
FOV: Linear
Resolution: 1080 HD 60 FPS
- Skandisk Extreme 256 GM Memory Card
- 20000mAh Battery Pack
- LynkSpider Mount
- Xenvo Squid Grip Mount

Editing Software
OpenShot Video Editor "Free Version" (For Rendering)
Windows Video Editor (For Video Clipping)
Computer: Alienware 17 Laptop (2014)

What I am trying to do is increase the quality of my videos to make them more like the ones we see on TV like college (with different angles and overlays/graphics). I have a few questions for you more experience parents

1. What recording devices do you use?
2. If you use more than one camera/recording device, how do you sync them up?
3. I want to include a view similar to the Centerfield camera you see in baseball/softball games, what device/video camera do you recommend that can zoom in from the warning track of CF all the way to circle and still maintain a high resolution....and that's affordable :)
4. What software do you recommend for Windows? I want to overlay other video angles, scores and better graphics but am limited with my current software.

Any advice would be appreciated.


I do not know crap about video but I can see your local to central Florida and might be a Knight??? My daughter plays 10u too.
Feb 5, 2019
I use movie maker. It takes me an avg of 45min to edit one of my DD game.

I've been asked by other parents to edit their kids highlights. I'll do one for free. The next I charge money. I'll share my entire game recordings to them for free if they provide me with flash drive quickly.