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Batting Approach Age

May 12, 2016
She said she was told that by her last coach, so I guess that's why. To be honest, almost every girls does it on her team. One is like a statue on the first pitch. Doesn't even twitch :D
Not a big fan of that approach. I believe the coach is more concerned with wins, than player development. At that age group kids can still be a little wild with their pitching, therefore a coach can take advantage and hope for a walk. Does the coach ask her to keep taking pitches until a strike is thrown?
May 12, 2016
Have you asked her why she takes the first pitch? A lot of kids do that because they are not paying attention in the on deck circle, in the dugout, etc...not saying that is your DD but it happens. At the younger ages I would rather have to tone down over aggressiveness than the other way around so if she sees a pitch she likes, regardless of the count, hammer it.

As she gets older you can refine things. Right now I have been telling my 9YO that with no strikes or 1 strike you don't swing at a pitcher's pitch,e.g. STOP SWINGING AT CHANGEUPS IN THOSE COUNTS..so far she hasn't listened :LOL:
14 YO still does the same thing... swinging at pitchers pitches.. sigh. More discipline and patience needed

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