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Bat size change?

May 8, 2008
My daughter is a freshman and starting catcher for the HS varsity team. SHe hit well at the beginning of the season :)but by the end of the season her hand speed had gotten faster that she was swinging way ahead against senior pitchers. SHe mostly used her Easton stealth 33" 21 oz bat but went up to the catalyst 33/23 for slower pitchers. It was after using the catalyst that she started swinging way ahead even on faster pitchers. Should I change bat size or just work on drills to get her back into her correct timing?
May 13, 2008
I'm not a fan of changing bats to adjust for the pitcher's speed. It can work, but in my opinion it is a gimic and has some pitfalls, such as possibly changing hand path. Working on timing and rhythm is preferred.

Work with a pitching machine and work on a progression. Start with 45mph, move to 55mph, and then 65mph. Once you've been through all three speeds you go back to 45mph and start in the back of the batter's box and move forward after each swing. When you get to where the ball is higher than your hands to swing correctly you start moving backwards.

You can do something similar for inside and outside pitches by getting closer and farther away from the plate while taking your cuts. The pitchers train by throwing to different spots with adjustments to movement and speed; as a hitter you should do the same.

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