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May 12, 2016
He hits it 440 from his feet...

And he still has some hip extension there...

So the legs account for 100 yards, 340 comes from the core and obliques? :). Can you imagine though how much more leverage the golfer has with his feet under him?
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Apr 11, 2015
Once again Mud is lying, The waves are calling you, Mud
Geez, you OK Butter, I’m beginning to worry about you with you starting to lash out with such vitriol all of a sudden. You're starting to sound like that other HI guy when he can't explain wth he's talking about, and can only resort to name-calling that's so unbecoming of the two of you.

Sadly, first it was at TDS just over two short weeks ago when you went after him on multiple occasions....
You are showing your misunderstanding. Or intentionally misstating things.
TDS stop with your BS. Which plane do you think coil is in? I will tell you. ALL THREE.
You fellas don't even understand the stuff you try to use to support your position. Chopping the ball into the plate is a HANDS drill. Your model drags the hands/barrel around.

Rear leg and hands get to this pitch. Whine all you want about the core and the obliques and leveraging both sides of your body but none of you can hit this pitch with the core/drag swing you promote. Way too slow.
Buttermaker said:
It's dumb comments like these that show how much you don't know.
Good one Ray !! The pros are finally speaking up against the BS..
I wasn't the only one noticing it either btw...

Then suddenly, out of the blue I guess because you were bored….you decided to head back down the old “c/c/c” road I helped you dig yourself out of several years ago (yep still have the PMs) when it lead you into a ditch…

Which I guess is your latest epiphany of this month, so best of luck to you with it.

Oh, and if you and the others haven’t noticed...I’ve not been quoting any of the oblique misinformed/misinformation posts the last few days. Just been letting whoever wants to say whatever say it, as I think it’s much better letting the - how did you say it? - “….dumb comments like these that show how much you don't know”…speak for themselves.

Btw, wrt to this….
Hey Mud, post that clip where the kids ouches in pain after the you make him stretch his hip like a slingshot. And why couldn't he finish his swing? That's right bc it's a dumb thing to do for someone professing to be so smart about everything lol....Waves are calling you...
Should I post your PM you sent to me at the other site just 12 days ago asking me to help you to understand your new found revelations? Or did I somehow lose my “smarts” between then and today? Yes I saw it, and no I didn't reply to it, just because of several of the above reasons....and you obviously wouldn't appreciate it anyway, just like all of the other ones I've sent to you. over the years. Oh well...tis what tis.

So really…you OK Butter?
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Jul 16, 2013
He hits it 440 from his feet...

And he still has some hip extension there...

This is a good drill. I have done it several times. But even as an isolation drill the muscles of the upper legs and back cant help but get involved. Obliques just cannot do it by themselves.
Apr 11, 2015
View attachment 17864

Let's keep private conversations private... just saying.. SOH
Not to worry julray, Butter knows I’d never do such a thing to him, as he knows how I personally felt when someone else did just that to me years ago (someone who no longer posts anywhere).

Truth be told, Butter and I go way back, and I really do like and respect him, and think he does a great job with his hitters, and have told him so many times both in public and private.

I also appreciate his passion wrt hitting, but it’s that same passion that sometimes gets him writing things that go a little to far off the rails, but that’s sometime's the nature of these forums, and if it ever really gets to me or if I ever started taking any of it personal…I would have stopped post at all of them long ago.

Besides, I was not about to let you slide in to the front of the line in Pattar’s “asso club” with your last qualifying post, so threatening that just seemed like a way to give myself a “leg” up on the competition (see what I did there?). 😜🤣

Peace out (for now),
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