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Bat Path

May 12, 2016
  • Posture sets the plane where the hands can work most efficiently
  • Posture is dynamic based on pitch location
  • The hands do not have to be perfectly aligned with the shoulders.. however they will work more efficiently if alignment matches pitch location
  • The hands work through the plane established by posture. Body supporting the hands = a strong, balanced, dynamic hitting position
  • There are hitters who TTB more to get the barrel on plane.. it seems some of these classic hitters use their hands more
  • Personally, I hate the term "Ferris wheel". It's very misleading
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Mar 11, 2010
this has been chronicled. JD said his hips were the issue. ‘They’re hyper mobile’, ‘not being able to review my swing daily really hurt my adjustments’, ‘I was sliding my hips forward’ ‘I wasn’t staying closed.’ Something to that extent. Looks to be the same in his comparison.
Hip slide is the result of unaballanced sagittal/frontal plane movements..