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Basic arm-body synchronization

Feb 7, 2013
That's further down than 9 oclock or 3 oclock and that's probably a curve ball. The hand is more vertical at the 9/3 (righty to 3rd for pitches, such as riseball). And I have looked at multiple pictures (video is blurry or bad angle), often of the same pitcher, and the hand is at 3rd, not the sky. Many of the top PCs in the nation, say it is at 3rd (see RiBa video on this site) so let's stop this silly argument. To the sky is for spinning the ball. A 9 year old does not need to do it.
For once, try to educate yourself on WHY "palm to the sky" is important. No one who has actually read BM's Internal Rotation thread could come up with a different conclusion which tells me you HAVE NOT read it. Have you done the simple drill where you hold your arm out from your body and rotate your palm to the sky and then to the ground and back up to the sky 5x as fast as you can? Your hand will BLUR because this is the fastest action in the human body. Use it to your advantage when pitching.

Palm to 3rd at 9:00 is like taking a three quarters swing versus taking a full swing with "palm to the sky". Why cheat yourself from generating more spin and velocity?
Feb 20, 2012
you mean sequence ? First you say not for advanced pitching then you show advanced pitching mechanics. I don't understand>
Feb 20, 2012
don't you think it might be better if the back foot was more on the toe and the front foot off the ground about a foot at peak circle to get more power?
Feb 20, 2012
Does not look that close to me. Her stride foot off the ground about 2ft before peak circle and she more on her back tow.

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